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 Game On Sports Training was founded by three former college  athletes. We provide individual and group training in four different sports (Soccer, Basketball, Football, and Baseball/Softball). Our program also offer STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) tutoring for all of our student athletes. We’re here to help student athletes (ages 5-19) improve their level of knowledge, skills and fitness on and of the field. We’ve developed a wide range of drills and physical teaching techniques for each age group. Our training will allow every athlete to show improvement at the end of every session. At Game On Sports Training, we believe that Dedication + Motivation = Success!


Torren Wilson

Torren Wilson was born and raised in Houston Texas. Mr. Wilson has been into sports (especially basketball and soccer) since he was a kid. Torren has played and coached basketball, soccer, and football to kids of all ages through-out his adult life. After High School, Mr. Wilson joined the Army where he spent 4 years working and playing basketball for his Army branch. After an honorable discharge from the Army, Mr. Wilson worked as an independent contracter and continued training kids in Soccer, basketball and football. Education: B.A in Sports Medicine at University of Houston Coaching Experience: 9 Years of coaching kids Soccer Position: Midfield and Defense. Basketball Position: Point Guard Fun Fact: Mr. Wilson’s goal is to become a professional basketball player for the Houston Rockets.

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Ashley Martinez

Ashley was born in El Salvador but moved to Houston at an early age. She has been playing soccer since she was a child and throughout her entire life. She played varsity soccer all 4 years in High School and was awarded team captain 3 of those 4 years. At a college level, she played for the Houston Community College Women’s soccer team for 2 years. Ashley has been coaching soccer for over 3 years and has played every position on the soccer field. She’s experienced in working with elementary through high school kids. Education: Studying Sports Medicine at Rice University. Coaching experience: 4 years coaching experience. Position: Center Mid. Fun fact: Ashley grew up playing soccer in El Salvador with her father.

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What we do

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SPORTS: We find out which sport our clients are interested in, we learn about their current skill level, find out what exactly they would like to work on and find out where improvement is needed. We will then set a realistic goals that our clients can reach during tanning. For fitness, we get to know our clients, asses their current fitness level, learn about their strengths and weakness and gather information on the level of fitness they would like to achieve.  Based on our clients needs, we design different types of workout techniques and we focus on getting them to their desired fitness goals while still helping them to get better in other areas. During their training, we take each step with them to ensure improvement at the end. 

College Help

 We offer college help for clients between the ages of 17-19. During the time they spend with us, we help them asses their skills, create video footage of their training, contact local universities or colleges, display their skills and abilities in a specific sport to colleges with intentions on get them athletic scholarships. We also help our athletes create well written resumes and help them go through each college application.


We offer tutoring for kids ages 5-19 in any subject. Our coaches/trainers are all current college students or graduate student with a GPA of 3.0 and higher.  We are determined to help our student athletes look good on the field and feel confident in class. Our coaches/trainers will assist students with homework, projects, exams, current event, etc. At Game On Sports Training, we believe that Dedication + Motivation = Success!   




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